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Wax Life Back Into Wood

Made from Food Grade Mineral Oil and Bee Friendly Bees Wax
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Environmentally Healthy

Cares for Wood

Planki Wax is made with ingredients which are all natural. They made from Food Grade Mineral Oil and Bee Friendly Bees Wax. Planki Wax is a food-safe product that treats your wooden utensils and butchers blocks, to help make it more water resistant, so that it has a longer kitchen life.

An Idea, a Highlighter

Perfected Recipe

You know how you want to make one product and sell it, but then another develops by accident? Well, this is what happened with Planki Wax.

We wanted to do cutting boards (Planki) and when we were looking for a treatment, we found that the small bottles were too expensive, so we developed our own product.

Planki wax works on all your wooden furniture, cutting boards and any wooden utensils or accessories you have in your house. Our product is made from food grade mineral oil and beeswax.

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Natural Nourishment

Restore Your Glow

Planki Leather Conditioner is a product designed to clean and nourish your treasured soft genuine leather items. It will absorb into the leather, restoring the leathers natural glowand keeping it supple. Regular treatment will prevent your leather from cracking. Apply lavishly using a cloth or batting. 


Love Your Leather.

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