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Wax Life Back Into Wood


Planki Wax is made with ingredients which are all natural. They made from Food Grade Mineral Oil and Bee Friendly Bees Wax.


Planki wax is a food-safe product that treats your wooden utensils and butchers blocks, to help make it more water resistant, so that it has a longer kitchen life


This is one of the things we do best

How Planki Wax actually started is a really funny story, you know how you want to make one product and sell it, but then another develops by accident? Well, this is what happened with Planki Wax.

We wanted to do cutting boards (Planki) and when we were looking for a treatment, we found that the small bottles were too expensive, so we developed our own product.

We have to manufacture at night, because our product contains beeswax and the bees absolutely love coming to visit us if we make it during the day. We have had a couple of times where we got stung, but it is okay, because we love our little flying friends.​

Planki wax works on all your wooden furniture, cutting boards and any wooden utensils or accessories you have in your house. Our product is made from food grade mineral oil and beeswax.

We are based in Centurion.

Planki Wax Wooden Items


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Planki Wax
Planki Wax 106ml

Wood Items Only

Planki Wax
Planki Wax 250ml

Wood Items Only

The Combo
250ml Planki Wax and 250ml Planki Oil
The Combo

Wood Items Only

Planki Wax
Planki Wax 5l

Wood Items Only

Planki Oil
Planki Oil  250ml

Wood Items Only

Planki Leather Conditioner
Planki Leather Conditioner 1l

Genuine Leather Only

Planki Oil Bulk
5L Container
Planki Oil Bulk

Wood Items Only

Planki Wax & Oil
Bulk 5L Containers
Planki Wax & Oil

Wood Items Only

Planki Combo
250ml Planki Wax | 250 ml Planki Oil | 1l Planki Leather Conditioner
Planki Wax, Oil & Leather Conditioner Combo

Wax & Oil: Wood Items Only

Conditioner: Genuine Leather Only

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Planki Wax


Birds of Prey LogoWe are very excited to announce that as of today 1 August 2020, we are sponsors of The Birds of Prey & Rehabilitation Centre in Dullstroom.

They do wonderful work and we are donating a portion of our profits to this wonderful organisation with every bottle sold of our products.

We support natural pest control.

You can also donate directly to them on their website:

Click Here for their Story.



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What an amazing product. Easy to use and very effective!

Dis n baie goeie produk sal dit aanbeveel,baie maklik om aan te went en die werk en gee n mooi afwerking

Highly recommended! Great product, service and delivery. I will most certainly be using it for my boards from now on.

I don’t think there is a better product on the market to care and maintain your wooden boards, the results are absolutely stupidly amazing. I have been using this product for over a year now and it never fails to impress, it nourishes and seals the wood whilst bringing out all the natural colours and grain of woods

Uitstekende diens en eerste toets vir Planki Oil lyk goed. Getoets op mes handvatsels van Knoppiesdoring. Hout is gestabiliseer, maar opname van olie is steeds verbasend. Detail in hout vertoon baie mooi na die olie en voorkoms is blink waar ander olies dowwer vertoon. Links is onbehandelde handvatsel en regs na twee aanwendings van Planki Olie.

Ek was die wenner van die planki combo en dit was aoveel pret om te sien hoe die bord verander na elke laag. Mal oor die effek.
Wil nou net hout mooi maak. Dankie maggie en span vir n great produk


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