Wax Life Back Into Wood, leather and cast iron

Well, well, well… look who’s fancy now! Planki Wax is made from only the finest ingredients: Food Grade Mineral Oil and Bee Friendly Bees Wax. Because why settle for mediocre when you can pamper your wooden surfaces with the best? Trust me, once you try Planki Wax, you won’t want to go back to those other boring brands. Plus, your bee friends will thank you for choosing a product that’s good for them too. So go ahead, give your furniture the royal treatment with Planki Wax. You deserve it.

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Cares for Wood

Looking for the ultimate kitchen wingman? Then let me introduce you to Planki Wax! 

This superstar is made from only the finest ingredients, including all-natural food grade mineral oil and bee-friendly beeswax. With Planki Wax on your side, your utensils and butchers blocks will have a longer kitchen life, thanks to its water-resistant properties. 

Plus, it’s completely food-safe so you can rest assured it won’t give your food any bad vibes. So what are you waiting for? 

Give Planki Wax a try and watch your kitchen game soar!

An Idea, a Highlighter

Perfected Recipe

Planki Wax is like that unexpected friend who drops by right when you need them to.

We started off wanting to make cutting boards (Planki), but stumbled upon our own genius invention when we realized the treatment bottle prices were through the roof.

Behold: Planki Wax.

This friendly product works wonders on all your wooden furniture, cutting boards, and even your grandpa’s old wooden cane (it’s a family heirloom, after all).
Made from food grade mineral oil and beeswax (no secret ingredients, sorry), our product is versatile and ready to help you conquer all your wooden accessory needs.

Give Planki Wax a try and join the ranks of happy customers who are now waxing poetic about their wooden treasures.

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Natural Nourishment

Restore Your Glow

Behold, dear friends! Feast your eyes on Planki Leather Conditioner, the ultimate elixir for your beloved leather possessions.

This magical potion will penetrate through the surface and revitalize every ounce of it, ensuring that your leather retains its natural charm and never loses its softness. Bid adieu to those pesky cracks and welcome a world of lavish treatment.

With Planki Leather Conditioner, you’ll get more than just a clean; you’ll get a dazzling glow that will make it look as if you’ve just bought it!

Just apply it generously with a cloth or batting, sit back, and watch the transformation happen. So go ahead and pamper your leather, show it some sweet love!

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The Science behind Beeswax is fascinating.

Variations in beeswax colour


Beeswax is a food grade wax with a white color when it is freshly prepared. Later the color changes into yellow because of the presence of propolis and pollen colorants. The typical odor of beeswax depends on the honey, bees, propolis, and pollen.

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Beeswax Colour