Planki Products

How to Apply

Planki Oil 250ml

1st Step: Planki Oil

• If the wood is very dehydrated, then it is best to give it a deep treatment with Planki Oil and apply the Planki Wax to seal the wood. • Depending on how dehydrated the wood is, you can use your own discretion on how much Planki Oil is needed. • You can use your hands or a paintbrush to apply Planki Oil & Wax to your choice of surface

Planki Wax 250ml

2nd Step: Planki Wax

• After applying Planki Oil, apply Planki Wax generously to your wooden surface.
• Leave in the sun or heat with a hairdryer or heat gun to ensure that Planki Wax gets absorbed into the surface properly. If you feel it needs another coat, feel free to apply one.
• When you notice Planki Wax residue that did not absorb, it may be an indication that your surface is now sufficiently saturated with Planki Wax. Wipe the excess off with a cloth.
• Apply Planki Wax after every wash to keep the wood from becoming dehydrated again.

Leather Conditioner 250ml

Planki Leather Conditioner

• The Leather Conditioner will adsorb into your genuine leather products
• Regular treatment will prevent your leather from cracking
• Apply lavishly using a cloth or batting.
• If you feel it needs another coat, feel free to apply one.