Planki Wax 1L


Planki Wax 1l is a combination of beeswax and food safe mineral oil designed to treat all wooden kitchen and serving items. You can use it on any wood products if you want! Your wood will love Planki Wax!


Planki Wax BeesWax.

Beeswax has been around since humans discovered beehives. In addition, this natural element of beeswax makes a non-toxic finish. Therefore, it a distinct advantage over other manmade wood finish products such as varnish or lacquer.

Planki Wax 1l is a useful finish for wooden furniture and kitchen utensils. It dries quickly and protects surfaces from water, dirt, or food stains. It gives off a beautiful shine professional home decorators dream of. 

Frequent re-application of Planki Wax retains natural beauty in wood and protects the treated product.

Advantages Of Planki Wax Beeswax Finish.

Easy to apply.
Planki Wax 1l is easy to apply and does not require time or effort to yield desired results. Therefore, you can apply Planki Wax to your wooden surfaces when needed quickly.

Environmentally friendly.
Adding Planki Wax to indoor or outdoor furniture is the more environmentally friendly way to finish surfaces. In other words, solvents will be required when using polyurethane or other types of paint, which are harmful to the environment.

Planki Wax 1l is economical. It requires no chemical additives and leaves a durable coating. Planki Wax’s cost is further offset when combined with Planki Oil. This controls its spread and speeds up the drying time.

Wood Lubricant.
Coating with Planki Wax allows for smooth movement on sliding doors or windows that would otherwise stick.

Coating Nails & Screws.
Planki Wax 1l is used to coat nails and screws, as it protects the treated wood from splintering while pounding them in.

Planki Wax finish assists in protecting surfaces which are exposed to splashing or spills, from water damage. In other words, Planki Wax finish is moderately water-resistant.

Can be ingested safely.
Planki Wax is food-safe, so you can safely ingest it. Therefore, it’s a great choice for wooden utensils, and majority of wooden cutting boards.

Planki Wax 1l is safe and often applied to wooden toys for children. As a result, Planki Wax is useful if you have an infant or small child, who puts everything in their mouth, including the floor.