Terms & Conditions of Supply

1. General Terms and Conditions

1.1. This agreement incorporates agreed payments, discounts and delivery conditions between Planki Wax (PTY) Ltd. and the client. No variation, amendment or alteration to the terms and conditions of this agreement will be any force or effect unless accepted in writing by Planki Wax (PTY) Ltd.
1.2. Supply terms are entered into for the duration of the business relationship between Planki Wax (PTY) Ltd. and the Client.

2. Price and Payment

250ml Planki Wax
2.1. Price will be R60.00 per 250ml Planki Wax, with a minimum order of 24 bottles per order.
2.2. Recommended selling price – R79.99 to R95.99*
250ml Planki Oil
2.3. Priced will be R50.00 per 250ml Planki Oil, with a minimum order of 24 bottles per order.
2.4. Recommended selling price – R69.99 to R85.99*
5L Bucket of Planki Wax
2.5. Price will be R850.00 per 5L bucket of Planki Wax, with a minimum order of 4 buckets per order.
5L Container of Planki Oil
2.6. Price will be R400.00 per 5L container of Planki Oil, with a minimum order of 4 containers per order.

2.7. Payment will be COD before any product will be released to the Client, except if otherwise stipulated in writing.
2.8. Please note that all products stay the property of Planki Wax (PTY) Ltd. until full payment has been made.
2.9. The delivery cost will be for the account of The Client outside of the Pretoria or Johannesburg area.

3. Product Description

Planki Wax is a food safe butcher’s block treatment you can treat all your wooden furniture, wooden utensils or butcher’s block with. Planki Oil is a food safe oil that can be used as a treatment for any wood products that comes into contact with food.
Product will arrive bottled, branded, barcoded and wrapped at The Client’s location

4. Ingredients

Planki Wax:
Food grade mineral oil

Planki Oil:
Food grade mineral oil

5. Production time and delivery

From production to delivery it can take 3 to 7 days, depending on quantities ordered. Please take note that we manufacture ourselves and the Planki Wax can only be manufactured at night, because we do not want to risk our staff getting stung by bees in the process during the day, as this has happened before and the reason for this is because they come after the aroma of the beeswax.

6. Stock on hand

We keep a minimum or 24 bottles on hand, as we easily manufacture stock as soon as we receive an order. We always have enough ingredients to manufacture new stock.

7. Company Registration

To register as a client of Planki Wax please fill in our Vendor registration form by downloading our PDF, complete the form and email to: info@plankiwax.co.za

8. Acknowledgement of Agreement

Registration as a client of Planki Wax indicates an agreement of these Terms & Conditions.
If approved, your company details can be found here after Login: https://www.plankiwax.co.za/vendor-membership/