Combo Package 250ml


250ml Planki Wax and 250ml Planki Oil is our specially designed package for multi purpose use. This makes the perfect gift for that special person.


Combo Package 250ml consisting of Planki Wax and Planki Oil is a combined popular preservative for wooden cutting boards, salad bowls, and utensils. In other words, it eases the process of hygienically cleaning wooden utensils and equipment. The combined use of the Combo Package 250ml impedes water absorption. Therefore, they prevent cracks and splits from forming in wooden utensils created by to wetting and drying cycles.

Food-handling applications of Planki Oil

Food grade white mineral oils have been given the E number of E905a.

They are  odorless and flavorless in their properties and nature, therefore, commonly used in food-handling applications.

Planki Oil has many other uses

Wooden Items & Butcher Blocks
Our oil is used for treating and preserving wooden butcher block counter tops.

Clay Items
Oil creates a wear effect on new clay poker chips. The chips are placed in Planki Oil for a short time, or the Planki Oil is applied to each chip then rubbed off. This assists to remove chalky residue left over from manufacture. Consequently this improves the look and feel of the chips.

The principal fuel in some types of gel-type scented candles is Planki Oil.

Useful for polishing alabaster in stonework.

Tools which use an open bearing use Planki Oil to lubricate and clean pocket knives or food handling.

Advantages Of Planki Wax Beeswax Finish.

Easy to apply.
Planki Combo Package 250ml is easy to apply and does not require time or effort to yield desired results. 

Environmentally friendly.
Adding Planki Wax to indoor or outdoor furniture is the more environmentally friendly way to finish surfaces. 

Combo Package 250ml is economical. Due to the fact it requires no chemical additives and leaves a durable coating.

Wood Lubricant.
Coating with Planki Wax allows for smooth movement on sliding doors or windows which would otherwise stick.

Coating Nails & Screws.
Protect the treated wood from splintering, by using Planki Wax to coat nails and screws.

Protect surfaces from water damage. In other words, Planki Wax finish is moderately water-resistant.

Safely ingestible.
Planki Wax is food-safe, so you can safely ingest it. Therefore, it’s a great choice for wooden utensils, and majority of wooden cutting boards.