Planki Oil 1L


Planki Oil 1L is a food safe mineral oil designed to treat all wooden kitchen and serving items. Planki Oil is recommended for deep initial raw wood treatment.


Planki Oil 1L is a popular preservative for wooden cutting boards, salad bowls, and utensils. In other words, it eases the process of hygienically cleaning wooden utensils and equipment. The use of Planki Oil impedes water absorption. Therefore, it prevents cracks and splits from forming in wooden utensils created by to wetting and drying cycles.

Food-handling applications

Food grade white mineral oils have been given the E number of E905a. Therefore, it is commonly used in food-handling applications because they are odorless and flavorless in their properties and nature. Planki Oil 1L can be used as preservatives for kitchen utensils, and wooden cutting boards to stop the absorption of food odors and food liquids. It is commonly used to lubricate food-handling equipment, polish stainless steel surfaces, and clean and maintain knives after food contact.

Planki Oil has many other uses

Planki Oil’s ubiquity has led to its use in some niche applications as well:

*Planki Oil 1L is used for treating and preserving wooden butcher block counter tops.
*It is commonly used to create a wear effect on new clay poker chips. Either the chips are placed in Planki Oil for a short time, or the Planki Oil is applied to each chip then rubbed off. In this manner, chalky residue left over from manufacture is removed. This also improves the look and feel of the chips.
*Planki Oil 1L is used as the principal fuel in some types of gel-type scented candles.
*Planki Oil 1L is used for polishing alabaster in stonework. As well as lubricating and cleaning pocket knives or food handling tools that use an open bearing.
*As a relatively low heat combustible, with no flavor or odor, Planki Oil 1L can be used in fire breathing and firedancing for entertainment. However, there is a risk of injury.