Pure Beeswax Pellets 250g


Pure beeswax pellets 250g are a natural wax produced by honey bees that can be used for many purposes. They are often unbleached and cosmetic grade, and can be purchased in bulk for making recipes at home. Some say that beeswax pellets are easier to melt and use than solid beeswax.


Pure beeswax pellets can have a faint honey scent, and may also have traces of what the bees have been pollinating. They can have many uses, including:


Can help skin attract and retain moisture, and can be used to treat diaper dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema


Yellow beeswax is often used for candle making, where its color and scent are important

Home care

Can be used to lubricate doors, windows, and zippers, polish wood, prevent rusting on iron tools, and waterproof shoes

Other uses

Can be used to make soaps, lotions, crayons, and modeling clay, or even chewed as a chemical-free alternative to gum

Beeswax pellets can have an almost indefinite shelf life if stored in cool, dry conditions.

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